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White Oak Bayou repairs underway

As the result of the Harris County Flood Control District’s annual inspections of the federal portions of our channel network, construction is currently underway on a major repair project along White Oak Bayou. The section of White Oak Bayou included in this repair effort starts at the confluence of White Oak Bayou and Buffalo Bayou near downtown Houston upstream, 10.6 miles to Cole Creek near Pinemont. There were 189 sites identified for repair at a cost of over $1.3 million. The repairs range from blockages of debris in the channel, broken or clogged outfall pipes, and damaged concrete channel lining.


The Flood Control District also conducts inspections of its channels for blockages after major flood events and routinely investigates reports of blockages from concerned residents. Many blockages and areas of concern are also reported by our field staff as they go about their routine work along the 2,500 miles of channels within our jurisdiction. A channel can experience several issues from normal wear and tear, storm events, blockages, or erosion. Maintenance of the entire channel network is a year-round effort by the Flood Control District. The Flood Control District has its own in-house maintenance crews for removing blockages and for corrective work to repair the channels to their original design condition.  


Blockages and debris are due to how water levels lower between every large rainfall event. For example, since 111 square miles worth of rainfall regularly drains through White Oak Bayou, 120 cubic yards (12 dump trucks full!) of debris have been removed from this repair site alone.

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