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Harris County Flood Control District Increases Tree Planting Efforts
Tree Planting Efforts - HD 1080p
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Every year the Harris County Flood Control District plants between 12,000 to 15,000 trees across Harris County. Over the last 20 years the Flood Control District has planted more than 300,000 trees.  This tree planting effort is a critical part of the Flood Control District's mission, "to provide flood reduction programs that work with appropriate regard to community and natural values."  Replacing and replanting trees is part of fulfilling that purpose.  


"We've done really well this year.  We have planted 15,218 trees.  That's the largest number we have done since 2014," said Nic Griffin Harris County Flood Control District Urban Forester. 


In the Greens Bayou Watershed site P500-04 more than 2,300 trees were planted.  Not only are the trees aesthetically pleasing they also provide flood control benefits as well.  The root systems help to stabilize the site and hold soil in place. In areas that are forested, water infiltrates into the soil more readily. Because of that we have improved water quality on sites where we plant trees.   The canopy aspect will also produce shade which will help to slow the growth of certain grasses and weeds which helps to reduce mowing. 

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