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Learn more about our Buyout Program 
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Purchasing and demolishing properties located deep in the floodplain is one tool in the Flood Control District’s flood risk reduction toolbox. Because of their location, flood risk for some properties cannot be adequately reduced through structural flood risk reduction projects. Our Buyout Program eliminates future flood damage and reduces health and safety risks for owners and first responders during heavy rain events, while also providing public open space. 


Some homes / buildings were simply built in the wrong place, prior to the knowledge we have today of the boundaries of our floodplains and prior to building regulations imposed by the city and county on land development. When structures that fit within these criteria are identified, that is where our Home Buyout Program comes in. 


What is very important to note is that the Flood Control District’s Home Buyout Program does not provide immediate flood recovery assistance – its primary function is to help prevent future flood damages. One of the most effective aids that helps prevent this future damage from happening is Voluntary Buyout. Voluntary Buyout is used by the Flood Control District to reduce flood damages in areas several feet (“hopelessly”) deep in the floodplain where projects to reduce flooding are not cost effective and/or beneficial. This form of buyout program allows the Flood Control District to move families — whose homes are located deep in a floodplain and that repeatedly flood — to higher ground, providing a safer quality of life for residents (in the form of better flood risk reduction).


Voluntary Buyouts are handled by the Flood Control District’s Property Acquisition Department, which works diligently to consider each Notice of Voluntary Interest that is submitted. If you are a resident in an area matching the descriptions above, please consider submitting your interest in Voluntary Buyout through the online form found here. This is the most proactive step you can take as a homeowner at this time regarding lowering your flood risk. (Note: Submitting this form does not obligate you to sell or the Flood Control District to purchase your home.)


When a major flood event happens, It is important to note that, although some grant funds are made available after a disaster declaration, these buyout grants do not provide immediate flood recovery assistance. These programs typically take eight to twelve months after the flood event to even get started, and then may take place over a period of many years following a flood event; Voluntary Buyouts are intended to prevent future flood damages.


For additional questions about Voluntary Buyout eligibility criteria, grant application status, the buyout process and relocation assistance, call the Flood Control District’s Home Buyout Hotline at 346-286-4020.


For the most immediate assistance regarding the Flood Control District’s Home Buyout Program, please complete and submit a Notice of Voluntary Interest form.


Learn more about the benefits of a home buyout at

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