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Three Year Bond Anniversary Marked with Every Project Initiated 
This video has been deleted.

The Harris County Flood Control District recently updated Harris County Commissioners on the progress of the 2018 voter approved bond program. That update included a huge milestone with the announcement that every project included in the bond program has been initiated. In the three years since $2.5 billion in bonds to finance flood damage reduction projects were approved, the following work has been done:

181 of 181 bond projects have been initiated.

$251 million in contracts have been awarded to engineering companies.

$552 million in contracts have been awarded for construction of capital improvements and repairs.

27 projects have completed, removing 11,000 homes from 100-year floodplains.

Another 660 buyouts have been completed with another 662 in process.

“The Harris County Flood Control District has been working steadily to plan, design,

and build these projects to reduce flooding for Harris County residents. Three years

into a 10-year bond program, we are making tremendous progress,” said Alan Black

Harris County Flood Control District Interim Executive Director. “We continue to work

to secure partnership funding and with the help of county leadership have created the

Flood Resiliency Trust providing certainty that our projects will be completed in an

equitable way.”

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