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Hydrologic Operations Division attends NHWC Workshop

The Hydrologic Operations Department attended the 13th Annual National Hydrologic Warning Council Texas Workshop, from November 2-3, 2022 in San Marcos, TX. The workshop focused on developing skills and experience related to installing, repairing, and maintaining flood warning systems; services which are critical to effective flood anticipation and mitigation.


Outside of lectures and presentations, Flood Control District Staff reviewed and explored a plethora of topics, like how to properly maintain tipping buckets, best practices to calibrate stage sensors, and they were also introduced to new technologies in the hydrologic warning industry. For example, technicians also presented and held an hands-on table showcasing of the new RQ-30 Velocity Sensor, which enables more accurate discharge measurement for rivers, streams, open channels and canals for which continuous monitoring is desired


Attendees consisted of primarily field technicians, flood warning system managers, and several vendors and consultants. Presenters gave specific talks that were tailored to the technology and equipment Flood Control Hydrological Technicians use on a daily basis. Flood Control District staff also learned how agencies are dealing with acquiring hardware during parts shortages, vandalism that affects how equipment functions, troubleshooting techniques for repairs and installations, adequate power management, and intensive hands-on training sessions.

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