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Work Zone Safety Tips

On average, more than 700 fatalities occur in work zones each year. Below are tips to protect workers and drivers while driving through work zones.

1. Research your route and avoid work zones when possible.

  • Use any detours that are available.

2. Be aware of all signage throughout work zones.

  • Avoid distractions such as cellphone use, eating, drinking, changing the radio, operating your GPS, conversations with passengers, etc.

3. Slow down when entering a work zone and keep an eye out for road workers.

4. Move into the open lane as soon as possible when approaching lane closures.

  • Pay close attention to vehicles around you that could be in your blind spot.

5. Always maintain extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

The below links are the references for the information in the memo:,a%20Sign%20to%20Slow%20Dow

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