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Phase 1 of Stormwater Detention Basin is Greens Bayou Complete
This video has been deleted.

The Harris County Flood Control District has completed construction of Phase 1 of the Aldine Westfield Stormwater Detention Basin, located south of Greens Road and north of Beltway 8, just off Aldine WestfieldRoad in the Greens Bayou Watershed. The $6.94 million construction contract was funded through the Flood Control District’s Capital Improvements Program and the 2018 Bond Program. The Aldine Westfield Stormwater Detention Basin is expected to reduce flood risks in the Greens Bayou watershed by taking in excess stormwater during heavy rain events and then releasing it slowly back into the channel once the threat of flooding has passed. Phase 1 provides storage for approximately 667 acre-feet, or just over 217 million gallons of stormwater that might otherwise flood homes and businesses during heavy rain events. 


The Aldine Westfield Stormwater Detention Basin project is designed to be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 was constructed in the southern compartment of the stormwater detention basin footprint. Phase 2, currently undergoing design, will be constructed in the northern compartment of the site and is expected to hold another 600 acre-feet (190 million gallons) of stormwater once complete.

The project is part of the overall flood risk reduction plan for the mid-reach stretch of Greens Bayou. This plan includes 11 miles of channel conveyance improvements and the construction of four stormwater detention basins: AldineWestfield (Phase 1 complete), Glen Forest (complete), Kuykendahl (complete) and Lauder (Phase 1 under construction). For more information on these projects, visit

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