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Issue 13
February 2022
Large Turnout Expected for Tree Planting Competition 
Tree Planting Competition
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From the Interim Executive Director

Click here to read the monthly message from the Harris County Flood Control District's Interim Executive Director Alan Black.

Project Update

The Harris County Flood Control District is once again sponsoring the Annual Houston Regional Tree Planting Competition, which will be held in conjunction with local Arbor Day celebrations. Teams will go head-to-head to see who can plant 100 small trees the fastest. Awards will go to the top three fastest teams. Participants are expected to come from all around Houston, and the Harris County Flood Control District will even have a team of its own competing.

Planning for Floating Treatment Wetlands Project Near Completion

The planning phase for the Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTWs) Project will be coming to a close in the next few months. The purpose of the project is to determine the usefulness of incorporating Floating Treatment Wetlands into existing basins within Harris County, which are meant to aid in stormwater treatment. 

Progress continues on the White Oak Bayou Federal Flood Damage Reduction Project with channel widening work to reduce the risk of flooding. This project segment  includes channel modifications along White Oak Bayou from Cole Creek to Hollister Street.

Learn more about this project at

Construction Update

Construction of Phase 3 of the South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin aims to provide mitigation for future conveyance improvements on Beamer Ditch and Turkey Creek and to reduce future flood damage within the Clear Creek watershed.

Learn more about this project at

Employees Acknowledged in High Five Program 
February High-Fives

February High-Fives

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Take a look at all of the kudos that our dedicated employees received from their fellow co-workers! 

Pam Smith
Lead Construction Administrative Coordinator, Construction Division

How long have you been with the Flood Control District? 

A little over two years (11/23/2020)


What does your job at the Flood Control District entail? 

Well, where do I start? It is the Construction Division after all! Depends on the day. I could be assisting in processing a million dollar pay application, training employees, consultants, and/or contractors in Construction Management in Unifier, assisting consultants and Flood Control District staff with management of their projects, or responding to numerous phone calls/emails.  My primary role is to perform Contract Management for each project, that entails ensuring the contractors maintain the requirements of their contracts with their insurance, bonds and payment to their suppliers. I assist with management reports, and I also have a lot of interaction with other division directors, management, contractors and suppliers.

What do you like most about your job?

The people I work with and the challenges that come my way. But the bonus is working for an organization that is doing great things in our community. Telling people about where I work is always fun to watch their expressions.


What has been your favorite project so far?

Well, not sure it would be my “favorite,” but Unifier has definitely had a lot of challenges, changes and “bumps on a pickle” (I obviously love pickles!). 


What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far? 

Don’t be afraid of changes and challenges. It gives you an opportunity to learn and potentially excel at things you never thought you could do. Always remember you are stronger than you think and smarter than you like to admit.


What motivates you to wake up and go to work?  

Working with my team. When you have people that you really like and love the management our division has, it makes working seem like not really working.


What’s something most people don’t know about you?  

I try to get together with friends and coworkers on a monthly basis, but the pandemic has definitely put a damper on that. I have two wonderful grandsons, 6 and 11, that are the light of my life.  I have three dogs, previously owned five horses and love the beach, that is my happy place.

The Work Continues

The Flood Control District is continuing to work along Halls Bayou between the Hardy Toll Road and Aldine Westfield Road with channel conveyance improvements and a stormwater detention basin as part of an estimated $20 million project funded in-part through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The work is expected to be completed this Spring and reduce the risk of flooding for neighborhoods such as the Western Homes subdivision. Read more here:

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