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The Big Switch: Changing to Virtual Meetings During a Pandemic
Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

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As a new employee with the Flood Control District, Sparkle Bell had only worked in the office for one month before employees began to work from home.   

"I knew immediately that there were some things that would be impacted and our community engagement meetings were no exception.  They were immediately halted," said Sparkle Bell, Communications Director.  

Overall, she says, the transition from face-to-face to virtual has worked well.


"We have seen about a threefold increase in participants and comments.  We have eliminated the amount of staff drive time.  We have eliminated the amount of funding because there is no need to rent out facilities or print handouts.  Another benefit to the virtual environment is that people can do it at a time and a place that is convenient for them. They can login from their homes and cook dinner while listening to our community engagement meetings. So with that we have seen an increase in attendance in those meeting.  All those things are unintended benefits, but certainly things we are proud of," said Bell.  

Team members: Sparkle Bell, Rob Lozaro, Beth Walters, Karen Hastings, Amy Stone, Herman Sanders, Sheldra Brigham, Martin Pepper, Natalia Reynolds, Javi Rodriguez, Imelda Vera.

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