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Message from the Executive Director 
Dr. Tina Petersen

In Houston, every August serves as a milestone marking another year since 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, an unforgettable storm that had a profound impact on Harris County.


The Flood Control District has made significant progress in implementing the 2018 bond program since Hurricane Harvey. Through our bond program so far, we have completed 229 project components that have reduced the risk of flooding for more than 14,000 homes. This progress has allowed the Flood Control District to achieve a more resilient Harris County and to help lessen the impact of flooding in and around the Houston area. I would like to say that none of this would be possible without the constant, tireless efforts of the teams at the Harris County Flood Control District. 


When our bond program was approved, residents chose to place their trust in the Flood Control District; we made a promise to develop projects and solutions around Harris County to lessen the damage of any future flooding. As our progress so far shows, we strive everyday to make good on that promise and will continue to do so in the future. As our work continues across the county, we remain focused and dedicated on making our residents lives better by making our communities safer from flooding. 


Remember to stay safe during this hurricane season and be sure to sign up for the Flood Warning System (FWS) at Through this service, residents can receive rainfall and stream level alerts directly to their devices, allowing everyone to stay cognizant of water levels around Houston when weather conditions worsen. 


Dr. Tina Petersen

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