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Encroachment Removal Program: Ensuring access for maintenance, stormwater flow, and even emergency crews 
Encroachment Removal Program
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The Harris County Flood Control Districts Encroachments Removal Program exists to enforce access to our rights-of-way along the more than 2,500 linear miles of channel under the jurisdiction of the Harris County Flood Control District. The program was created as a result of House Bill 3782, approved during the 85th Legislative Session.

To perform maintenance and construction activities on our bayous, creeks, and streams, crews must have access to Flood Control District property or easement adjacent to these channels. Blocking access to this property is known as an encroachment and can cause serious problems during flooding events such as extreme rainfall, hurricanes, and tropical storms. 

Flood waters don’t respect property lines, but property owners should. The Encroachments Removal Program can help property owners determine if an encroachment exists and needs to be removed or if a planned project will extend into Flood Control District property or easement. If your property is deemed to be encroaching on our right-of-way, your compliance in resolving the conflict is greatly appreciated. 


Encroachments are the unauthorized use of Flood Control District right-of-way in the form of property ownership or drainage easement. For example, when property owners build a fence or place a deck or storage shed on a Flood Control District right-of-way without authorization, they are encroaching on the land and impeding its use for construction access and maintenance activities.


Encroachments on Flood Control District property can:

  • Obstruct drainage channels from carrying stormwater efficiently. 

  • Block maintenance equipment from performing necessary repairs. 

  • Increase the overall cost of maintaining existing infrastructure.

  • Prevent rescue workers and first responders from reaching people during particularly hazardous weather events.

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