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Issue 23
January 2023
Flood Control District Infrastructure and Community Services Divisions step up Tornado Debris clean up

As many Harris County residents heard and felt the impact of the January 24 storm system that swept through the Houston area, causing a tornado to touchdown in east Harris County, the Harris County Flood Control District's Infrastructure, Maintenance Engineering and Community Service divisions suited-up in the storm’s wake to conduct damage assessments and perform clean-up activities.

The Work Continues
smith road.jpeg

Construction continues on the Smith Road Channel Diversion Project in Northeast Harris County.  The project will reduce the potential for future erosion along Greens Bayou Tributary P133-00-00 to improve the drainage along Smith Road and also benefit the Fall Creek subdivision. The less erosion, the greater the stormwater conveyance capacity of the tributary to reduce the risk of flooding for structures in the area.  

To learn more about the project, visit our website.

Engineering Division Director presents to Right-of-Way Association 

Imelda Diaz presented at the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) - Chapter 8 Luncheon on January 5. Ms. Diaz discussed the ongoing bayou projects that impact local pipelines and other infrastructure.

Citizens Learn About Findings for Flood Mitigation Project on Sims Bayou Tributary C116-00-00

A Time for Maintenance 

More progress on major maintenance activities in the Cypress Creek watershed! On this Cypress Creek tributary, the construction crews are installing riprap (rocky material) to help to stabilize the channel slopes and help to prevent erosion during heavy rainfall events.

To learn more click here.

This video has been deleted.

The Flood Control District recently held a Community Engagement Meeting regarding the planned C116 Conveyance Improvement Project, which aims to provide increased flood risk reduction to the area surrounding Sims Tributary Bayou C116-00-00. The purpose of the meeting was to inform residents how the Flood Control District intends to move forward with the project, and also to receive input from the community and answer questions regarding the project. To learn more about the findings of the feasibility study and next steps, check out the video above. For more information on this project, visit the project page.


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