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Issue 26
April 2023
Flood Control District attends Alief Listening Session
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Harris County Executive Director Dr. Tina Petersen was a speaker at Precinct 4’s first stop in their Listening Tour. The purpose of this series is to allow for community feedback regarding current and potential infrastructure and flood mitigation projects that will aid the surrounding communities in Precinct 4.

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Flood Control District attends Annual Texas Water Conference 

Women of Water Conference - April 2023
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Harris County Flood Control District’s Executive Director Dr. Tina Petersen spoke at the annual Texas Water Conference’s Women of Water Forum with other female leaders from across the industry. Dr. Petersen shared challenges, balancing work life, and the difference women can make in our water community. This event focused on the career paths, professional wisdom, and achievements of leading women in the water community who are willing to share their experiences to empower others.

The Harris County Flood Control District’s Interim Deputy Director of Engineering and Construction (now Chief Partnership & Programs Officer) Scott Elmer also attended the Texas Water 2023 annual conference. Mr. Elmer gave a  presentation on how large diameter underground stormwater tunnels work and answered questions from attendees.


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The Work Continues

Construction for the Mud Gully (Beamer Ditch) Channel Conveyance Improvements project has resumed! The project is being constructed and funded as part of the Clear Creek Federal Flood Risk Management Project. Construction is anticipated to be complete in summer 2024.

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Building a Conapy

A lot of trees were recently planted along a segment of Armand Bayou between Sam Houston Tollway East and Spencer Highway, marking the completion of the Conveyance Improvements on Armand Bayou project, Project ID B100-00-00-E002 in precinct 2.

As a natural stable channel design feature, these trees will help to stabilize the site, reduce soil erosion, shade the channel and improve water quality. As the trees grow, they will help to reduce stormwater runoff through “canopy interception” of rainfall. In other words, the leaves will catch a lot rainwater to help reduce stormwater runoff.

The Ribbon has been cut on the San Jacinto Bayou Greenway Project

San Jacinto Greenway Ribbon Cutting.png

In mid-April, the Flood Control District participated in the San Jacinto Bayou Greenway Ribbon Cutting event. This project was a partnership between the Houston Parks Board and the Harris County Flood Control District and involved purchasing land in the surrounding area that has historically been prone to flooding in order to convert it to green space. This project is part of the larger citywide Bayou Greenways initiative, which aims to create a continuous linear park system along Houston's major waterways, working to transform more than 3,000 underutilized acres along the bayous into accessible green space and connect 150 miles of hike-and-bike trails. The Flood Control District was able to partner with the Houston Parks Board to better facilitate the completion of this part of the initiative. Construction on the project took more than two years beginning in January 2021 and wrapping up in March 2023.


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Dr. Tina Petersen speaks at Precinct 4's "Building 4 the Future" listening event