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Issue 7
July 2021
Encroachment Removal Program: Ensuring access for maintenance, stormwater flow, and even emergency crews 
Encroachment Removal Program
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The Harris County Flood Control Districts Encroachments Removal Program exists to enforce access to our rights-of-way along the more than 2,500 linear miles of channel under the jurisdiction of the Harris County Flood Control District. The program was created as a result of House Bill 3782, approved during the 85th Legislative Session.

A Look Inside 1111 Fannin: Plans Move Forward on Office Move

From the Interim Executive Director

Click here to read the monthly message from the Harris County Flood Control District's Interim Executive Director Alan Black.

Controlled Burn
1111 Fannin

1111 Fannin

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Recently Harris County Flood Control District leadership took a tour of 1111 Fannin, the proposed future home of several Flood Control District offices.  Below are some of the highlights. 

  • The building is 450,000 square feet and was built in the 1970s.

  • The current tenant will occupy the building until September.

  • 1111 Fannin has tunnel access to restaurants and shops. 

Shandra Puckett: Business Analyst
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How did you get your start at the Flood Control District?

I started in 2004 working for Beth Walters in the Operations Division Information Office. I worked as her Administrative Assistant for four years before becoming the Division Administrative Assistant and remained in this role until 2016. 


What does your job entail?

In 2016, I transitioned from the Administrative Assistant role into Project Management for Information Technology. That role then turned into a Business Analyst role that I still hold today.  In this role, I help with gathering requirements for new and current systems, perform systems testing, manage our our KiSSFLOW workflow management tool and a host of other things that help keep our applications up and running.

What is your favorite thing about working at the Flood Control District?

I love being part of something good. I know that the work we do impacts our community in a positive way. I’m proud to say that I am part of such an amazing organization. 

What is the best career lesson you've learned so far?

1 - You can’t do it alone. Learning to be a team player and understanding your strengths and weaknesses goes a long way. 2- Don’t be afraid to say you aren’t good at something new, always be willing to accept the challenge and give it your all no matter what. 


What is something about you that most people don't know? 

I’m a pageant queen mom.  My daughter competes in pageants and is currently the National American Miss South Texas Jr. Teen. Also, most probably don’t know that I’m a country girl at heart. I love country and blues music, horses and cowboys. 


What’s the best thing that’s happened to you so far this week?

I got to watch my daughter compete at cheer camp and be awarded the UCA all-American Varsity Division award. She’s worked so hard (even had me out in the hot sun with her.) Getting to celebrate things with her makes my day. We also collected school supplies and backpacks for local school districts, which I truly enjoyed. I know these will be such a blessing to kids in the area, and that makes my heart happy.

Recently, the Harris County Flood Control District coordinated a prescribed burn to 40 acres of prairie within the Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank to reduce invasive vegetation and improve habitat on Flood Control District property.

The regeneration and promotion of desirable vegetation supports compliance with regulatory requirements for the wetland mitigation bank.

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