Issue 2
February 2021
Winter Freeze: Flood Control District's Jeff Lindner's Dual Role
During Emergencies 
The Work Continues: Nine Bond Projects Already Completed
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Since the initiation of the Program on August 28, 2018, the Flood Control District  has completed nine Bond projects. Bond IDs CI-021, CI-016, CI-020, CI-035, and CI-036 are engineering investigations. Bond ID F-22 is a project that is declared substantially complete for construction with some remaining vegetation establishment efforts.  Bond IDs F-59 and F-21 were projects completed without using Bond funds and were in the original Bond list, but were ready to start construction before the Bond funding was available. The Flood Control District did not want to delay construction of these projects and chose to fund them with available cash.

Bond ID CI-039 was simply a cost share, and the District has provided the requested funding to the City of Nassau Bay which has since completed the construction project. 


Taking into account all of the projects, including the programs, there are 367 individual District projects in progress related to the Bond Program.


These District projects are in various stages of the flood damage reduction project lifecycle. The table below presents a breakdown of District projects and their current stage in the project lifecycle. Home buyout and communications District projects are in the “Other” category.

Shane Hrobar Addresses Students on Selective Clearing

Harris County Flood Control District’s Shane Hrobar was a guest speaker of the Army Corps of Engineers who recently hosted the Student Conservation Association (SCA) at the Addicks Reservoir. A total of 5 students were in attendance. As conservation apprentices, SCA students are interested in the Corps' philosophy of promoting an ecosystem approach to environmental stewardship, regarding application of engineering, science, and technical services in an environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and technically sound manner, with a broad focus on collaborative partnerships and interactions with stakeholders. 

From the Executive Director

Click here to read the monthly employee message from the Harris County Flood Control District's Executive Director Russ Poppe.

Flood Control District Update

The Harris County Flood Control District and the City of Houston have worked together to acquire a 267.35-acre site formerly owned by Figure Four Partners, Ltd. to provide future stormwater detention to reduce existing flooding risks in the Kingwood area. The site is located in Montgomery County, near Kingwood Park High School.

The Flood Control District and the City of Houston jointly purchased the property for approximately $14 million. The Flood Control District is using funds from the 2018 Bond Program (Bond ID Z-02) to acquire the land. The City of Houston contributed approximately $3.8 million dollars for the use and ownership of 73 of the 267.35 acres.

By working with the City of Houston, a major flood damage reduction project is being delivered to residents in the Kingwood area.

The next step is to undergo an engineering analysis to maximize stormwater detention volume, quantify the benefit to the community and determine project cost and funding. Additional community engagement will be scheduled to gather input from area residents on the proposed project and to present project alternatives.

In the News
Flood Control District Keeping the Community Updated

Deputy Executive Director, Matt Zeve, gave an update on flood mitigation projects along Cypress Creek at the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce online event.

Office 365 Fully Implemented 

During the summer of 2020, Microsoft 365 (M365) was fully implemented at the District.  One of the new and exciting features of M365 is the introduction of OneDrive.  OneDrive allows users to store documents in the cloud for easy access from any device or computer. 

"This is an exciting addition for employees. Having access to and the ability to share documents anytime, from anywhere, is essential with so many employees working remotely," said Mark Carter, Technical Support Department Manager.

With OneDrive, users: 

  • Can share documents with any user on the Harris County Network 

  • Get 1 TB of online storage 

  • Can access files from any device or computer 

  • Can collaborate in real-time on Office documents (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) 

  • Can quickly find the files that matter to them 

  • Files are kept private unless they are shared with other users and are backed up regularly 

Click here for instructions on how to set up OneDrive One Drive Setup

Click here to access Microsoft 365 training resources Microsoft 365 Training

Visit the Technical Services page Technical Services - Home ( to access other How To guides and training resources. 

Molly Erogunaiye: Assistant Project Manager


How did you get your start at the Flood Control District?

I started as an Intern in June 2017. It was supposed to be for three months but got hired as a Construction Inspector after I completed my term. I later applied for the position of an Assistant Project Manager which I got in December 2019, when I completed my studies at Texas Southern University.


What are your day to day duties? 

My job responsibility as an Assistant Project Manager is to assist the Project Manager in managing projects to meet the requirements within the timeframe. My typical daily activities are to review daily work reports; coordinate with the inspectors and contractors on the daily progress of the projects; review material testing reports, RFI’s and submittals. Depending on the time of the month, I prepare pay estimate, review supporting documents; I attend several meetings (Progress meetings, start-up meeting and substantial completion) and address issues and complaints as they arise.  

What do you like most about your job?

I like the teamwork! We have a good support system. Everyone is cordial and they are ready to help and assist one another to achieve our common goal. Also, I like going to the field.

What do you like most about the Flood Control District?

I like the opportunity to be part of the team that serve the community and provide solutions to flooding and infrastructure-related resilience issues in Harris County.


What is something about yourself that most people don't know? 

Aside from English language, I speak three other local languages from Africa. Also, I love to travel! I use to work as a Cabin Crew. I completed my Bachelor's Degree on Nigeria, my Master's in the United Kingdom, and my PhD in Houston.

Construction Engineer

Current Projects

Installation Power Buggy Rental
Employee Anniversaries
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Upcoming Events

Virtual Community Engagement Meeting

and Construction Notice for South 75th Street Bridge

The Harris County Flood Control District will hold a virtual Community Engagement Meeting for the South 75th Street Bridge Replacement Construction Project. The purpose of this meeting is to inform residents about the status of the South 75th Street Bridge Replacement Construction Project over Brays Bayou.


The South 75th Street Bridge Replacement Construction Project focuses on increasing the channel capacity along the bayou to reduce the risk of flooding in the area. This project will be funded by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and with bonds approved by Harris County voters on August 25, 2018. Community engagement is an important component of the Bond Program, and we invite your participation as the program is implemented.


The virtual Community Engagement Meeting will be held on:


Thursday, March 25, 2021 from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Join online at

Or by phone* at 855-925-2801 with Meeting Code: 6778


A recorded version of the meeting will be available on the Flood Control District’s website and YouTube channel after the event. 

Halls Bayou Construction Progress
Halls Bayou Construction Progress
Lauder Stormwater Detention Basin
Lauder Stormwater Detention Basin
Cypress Creek Construction Progress
Cypress Creek Construction Progress
Construction Progress at Sims Bayou
Construction Progress at Sims Bayou
K163-00-00-E002 inlet pour
K163-00-00-E002 inlet pour
Hauling off site upstream - Z Project
Hauling off site upstream - Z Project
Construction Progress at White Oak Bayou
Construction Progress at White Oak Bayou
Construction Progress at Halls Bayou
Construction Progress at Halls Bayou
Construction Progress at Clear Creek
Construction Progress at Clear Creek