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Issue 2
February 2021
Winter Freeze: Flood Control District's Jeff Lindner's Dual Role
During Emergencies 
Winter Weather Storm 2021
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The Work Continues: Nine Bond Projects Already Completed
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Since the initiation of the Program on August 28, 2018, the Flood Control District  has completed nine Bond projects. Bond IDs CI-021, CI-016, CI-020, CI-035, and CI-036 are engineering investigations. Bond ID F-22 is a project that is declared substantially complete for construction with some remaining vegetation establishment efforts.  Bond IDs F-59 and F-21 were projects completed without using Bond funds and were in the original Bond list, but were ready to start construction before the Bond funding was available. The Flood Control District did not want to delay construction of these projects and chose to fund them with available cash.

Bond ID CI-039 was simply a cost share, and the District has provided the requested funding to the City of Nassau Bay which has since completed the construction project. 


Taking into account all of the projects, including the programs, there are 367 individual District projects in progress related to the Bond Program.


These District projects are in various stages of the flood damage reduction project lifecycle. The table below presents a breakdown of District projects and their current stage in the project lifecycle. Home buyout and communications District projects are in the “Other” category.

Shane Hrobar Addresses Students on Selective Clearing