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January 2024
New Faces at the Flood Control District

We recently welcomed a whole slate of new professionals to our ever-growing team. Take a moment to learn more about their new duties and responsibilities. 


Jorge Alba has joined the Flood Control District. He has accepted the position of Engineering Division Director.  Mr. Alba is responsible for the Flood Control District’s operations to accomplish the goals of the Federal Projects, Capital Projects, Surveying and Watershed Management Departments.  Mr. Alba will also be responsible for providing technical guidance and sound engineering practices for Flood Control District projects that fall under the division’s portfolio.  


Tuyen Duong, joined the Flood Control District as Encroachment Coordinator.  Ms. Duong is responsible for coordinating the removal of encroachments on the Flood Control District’s rights-of-way to accomplish the organization’s capital and maintenance responsibilities.  


Martin Olvera has joined the Flood Control District as one of our newest Infrastructure Repairs Inspectors In his role, he is responsible for inspecting and ensuring quality control for drainage and channel maintenance projects. His duties include collaborating with external contractors to execute construction repairs on various components, including drainage channels, stormwater detention basins, channel outfalls, slope failures and other open waterway repairs within Harris County.  


Rachel Powers has returned to the Flood Control District as our new Senior Flood Resilience Planner.  
In her role, Ms. Powers works closely with various departments within the Flood Control District, partners throughout Harris County, and consultants to ensure planning, project management, alignment, and progress toward the development and implementation of Harris County’s Flood Resilience Plan.  


Chuntania Dangerfield has joined the Flood Control District as Human Resources Manager. Ms. Dangerfield oversees, plans, coordinates and directs administrative functions within the Human Resources Division and provides strategic direction, planning, prioritization and delivery of the division’s day-to-day activities. 


Robert Ballou has joined the Flood Control District as Supplier Engagement & Diversity Program Manager. Mr. Ballou is leading efforts to assess and improve Flood Control District procurement processes in collaboration with the supplier ecosystem and build and manage a comprehensive supplier diversity program to increase utilization of Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MWDBE).  Additionally, he will advise and manage professional service solicitations from project inception to contract award, as well as collaborate with procurement specialists and other staff at the Flood Control District.  

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